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How to use the door anchor

(1) Have the foam on one side of the door and the loop on the other (2) Insert band through the loop

Make sure you have the foam anchor through one side of the door, and the fabric loop on the other. Insert band through the loop of the anchor.

You can insert it at the top of the door, middle, or at the foot depending on the type of exercise and area you want to target.


Basic Exercises

Full body workout with Banded Buddy, Lou!

90+ Exercises: The Whole List

Click here to view the whole list per target area.

Shoulder Workout

✔️ Shoulder alternate hold and press - 16 reps
✔️ Staggered shoulder raise 16 reps
✔️ Front press 15 reps
✔️ Front to side raise 15 reps
✔️ Upright row 15 reps
✔️ Flys 15 reps

3 rounds

Compound Workout

We've got a great compound workout by Buffy Buddy Reinard! This will surely keep you sore the next day. 🔥 

✔️ Bicep Curls to Front Raise Squat
✔️ Lateral Raise to One-leg Deadlift (Left & Right)
✔️ Alternating Reverse Lunge with Pull-overs
✔️ Mountain Climbers x Push-ups

Beginner: 8-10 reps. 2-3 sets.
Advanced: 12-15reps. 3-5 sets.

Upper Body Workout: Vol 1

We've got a great upper body workout for you by our Buff Buddy Vans! This will surely have you sore the next day. 🔥 

✔️ Banded Row
✔️ Seated Row
✔️ Inverted Flys
✔️ Arnold Press
✔️ One arm shoulder press
✔️ Lateral Raise

Beginner: 8-10 reps. 2-3 sets.
Advanced: 12-15reps. 4-5 sets.

Upper Body Workout: Vol 2

Here's our Buff Buddy Louis with another great upper body workout! Ready to incorporate this to your workout routines?

For this video, he's using Banded Buff in 100lbs.

Follow him on instagram @hangman_louise for more awesome workout tips!

💪 Triceps Extension
💪 Chest Flys
💪 Reverse Flys
💪 Banded Front Raise
12-15 reps each exercise for 3-4 sets

Make sure to adjust the level of resistance to your fitness level. A good rule of thumb is it should be very difficult for you for the last 3-5 reps of each set.

Booty Burn Workout

Booty workout with Buff Buddy Micki 🍑😍
Let our Buff Buddy Micki show you how you can maximize your #bootyworkout! Follow along with or without you bands depending on your fitness level 

🍑 Kick backs (10 per leg)
🍑 Squats (15)
🍑 Lunges—if you have a band, add pulls (10 per leg)
🍑 Standing side leg raises (10 per leg)
🍑 Pull throughs (15)

Beginner: 3 sets
Advanced: 4-5 sets.