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Basic Exercises

90+ Exercises

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Shoulder Workout

✔️ Shoulder alternate hold and press - 16 reps
✔️ Staggered shoulder raise 16 reps
✔️ Front press 15 reps
✔️ Front to side raise 15 reps
✔️ Upright row 15 reps
✔️ Flys 15 reps

3 rounds

Compound Workout

Try these compound resistance band workouts that will recruit multiple muscle groups. Surely will keep the temperature on fire. 🔥

✔️ Bicep Curls to Front Raise Squat
✔️ Lateral Raise to One-leg Deadlift (Left & Right)
✔️ Alternating Reverse Lunge with Pull-overs
✔️ Mountain Climbers x Push-ups

Beginner: 8-10 reps. 2-3 sets.
Advanced: 12-15reps. 3-5 sets.