Product Quality

Banded PH strives to maintain a certain standard to our products. We make sure we give our customers the best quality at an affordable price.


Band Quality

Our bands are made of high quality latex that has better tensile strength and elasticity making it perfect for the strength needed in a lot of workouts.


Stretch Test

Pure latex feels heavier and thicker. The material is very durable for heavy duty workouts.


Hook Quality

Our hooks are Carabiner hooks which are commonly used in mountain climbing for extra strength and easy placement. To avoid breakage that usually happens when the hooks separate from the bands due to too much force, our hooks are attached through a strong strip that connects to the bands.


Handle Quality

Our handles can fit small to very large hands, making it comfortable to use during any type of workout. They're made out of foam for better grip and ease of use. The strap is long enough to accommodate extra space when doing certain exercises.

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difference between cheap quality bands and ours