Purple Beaded Jump Rope (Variant 2)

Purple Beaded Jump Rope (Variant 2)

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Ready, Set, Jump!

Get ready to be fit with this customizable Jump Rope.

It is designed for building endurance, stamina and speed while improving muscle tone throughout your entire body. Improve focus and stamina without missing a beat.

Why everyone loves the Beaded Jump Ropes

✓ One size fits all - Adjust the length of the rope depending on your height.

✓ Premium Materials - It has an 8" Handle and 100 pcs shatterproof Beads. With durable and tangle free rope (9ft length).

✓ Burn calories anytime and anywhere - Have that high-intensity cardio workouts anywhere with this jump rope.

✓ This is perfect for beginner to advanced - Perform intermediate and advanced rope moves.

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